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Vision of a Graduate

Vision of the Graduate

A Montville graduate who has the skills and dispositions to navigate complex tasks is a:


  1. Communicator
Demonstrate awareness of audience and purpose of communication
Use precise language for specific purpose
Organize an effective message
Employ active listening skills
Facilitate teamwork and collaborate with diverse partners to solicit and build on ideas of others toward a common goal

  1. Information Consumer

Explore, identify, and select appropriate tools and strategies
Evaluate the context of the information and whether the source is credible, legitimate, relevant, or biased
Apply findings and draw conclusions


  1. Problem Solver

 Identify a problem or need and desired outcome
Brainstorm, ask questions, and research possible solutions
Develop and implement a solution that demonstrates innovation, flexibility and creativity
Reflect on the process and what was learned, including analysis of possible errors or different


  1. Independent Learner

Brainstorm to identify interests/needs and generate a meaningful goal with completion criteria
Ask relevant questions, experiment with new ideas
Create a plan and identify steps
Self-monitor progress, reconcile conflicting information and data, make decisions, and adjust thinking

Uses feedback from others to self-evaluate the process and progress towards a goal.


A Montville Graduate is: